Since late July, the border guards of Iran have targeted a number of Kurdish Kolbars and Tradesmen. As a result, four kolbars and tradesmen have lost their life while eight others have been injured only during the past 3 weeks.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has obtained information that, on July 30, 2019, a Kolbar “Ali Bahrami” was injured due to falling from the border heights of Tata Hewraman border.

Moreover, on Aug 2, 2019, The border Guards of Iran fired at a group of Kolbars in the border areas of Maku. This incident resulted in the death of a Kolbar “Hashem Telawar” from Bayezid of Turkish Kurdistan. It is said that the guards delayed transferring Hashem Telawar to the hospital before his death even though he was injured. The dead body of this Kolbar was handed over to his family after a week.

Moreover, the following Kolbars have also been shot and injured by border guards of Iran; two Kolbars “Rashid Khandani” and “Khalil Ghaderi”.
Aug 4, 2019 in the border areas of Piranshahr,one Kolbar “Younes Pirvati” in the border region of Khoy and another Kolbar, “Naji Abu Bakri” in the border area of “Du Pazeh” on August 9 ,a Kolbar, “Shaker Kolani on August 7 in the Sardasht border area and a Kolbar ,”Mehdi Monfredi”on August 10 in the village of Dezawar in the Huraman area.

Also on Aug 08, in the border area of “Qamishlah” of Marivan, a 16-year-old Kolbar, ”Ismail Sawjinejad” from the village “Savoji” and on Aug 10 in the border area of Khoy a Kolbar, ”Reza Ebrahimi” were directly shot and killed by the border guards of Iran.

KHRN had earlier published two reports on the killing of a Kolbar Fakher Abdollahi and injury of two Kolbars Mohammad Chokli and Mohammad Hosseinzadeh.