Iranian border guards shot dead a Kurdish Kolbar from Baneh in Heights of “Sartezin” village. Another Kolbar was shot and wounded by the forces in Khoy border. Meanwhile, another Kolbar was also shot and wounded by Turkish forces at “Kotul” of Khoy on Aug 23.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has obtained information that a Kolbar “Abdul Salam Amini” from village of Nanour in Baneh has been shot dead on Sunday, Aug 25 by military forces in the border area of Sertzen in Baneh County with no warning.

A Kolbar “Adel Amoomi Badrash” from the village of “Kerkush” was similarly targeted and wounded by Frontier Regiment troops at the same time in Khoyi border area. This Kolbar’s horse was also killed during the shooting.

Morever, according to another report by KHRN, Turkish border guards opened fire on a number of Kolbars and tradesmen in the border area of Kotul of Khoy on Aug 23. As a result. a Kolbar “Noor Ali Abdullahi” from the village “Guiar” was shot in the face and he is currently in a coma.

Abdul Salam Amini