A Kurdish border porter –known as Kolbar- from Sardasht, who had been injured by the Iranian border guards on 12 October lost his life after a month of hospitalisation in Orumiyeh, a local source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Peyman Yousefi, 29-years Kurdish civilian from the village of Darman Abad in Sardasht, was married and had two children.

Peyman Yousefi

A group of Kolbars, who were moving towards the border from a few meters away, were targeted bythe  Iranian border guards without a warning on 12 October where Yousefi was injured from the waist.

After the shooting, a bullet hit Yousefi’s waistband and tore his bowels. He went under operation for his serious injury at a hospital in Sardasht, but his health deteriorated due to severe inflammation and the possibility of being shot by a poisoned bullet.

He died on 1 November at a hospital in Orumiyeh, Iran.

The family of Yousefi have filed a complaint against the Sardasht Border Guard while including the witnesses statements of local people. 

According to the findings of KHRN, one of the main reasons for the continued killing of Kolbars and tradesmen in the border areas is the judiciary’s failure to prosecute the military squad involved in the killings.

The complaints filed against the military forces responsible for killing Kolbars is usually ignored by the authorities. A review of the KHRN’s interviews with the victims’ families over the past few years confirms that the families’ complaints against the military forces responsible for killing their children have been either ignored or remained unresolved so far. Furthermore, only a handful of victims’ families have been awarded blood money from the government’s funds.

According to statistics compiled by the KHRN, five Kurdish Kolbars and Tradesmen were killed and 12 others were wounded only in October. A Kolbar also collapsed and died as a result of being chased by the Iranian border guards.

Monthly Report on Human Rights Violence and Violence Against Kurdish Kolbars and Businessmen (in October):