Over the past few days two Kurdish Border Porters –known as Kolbar- were injured as a result of shooting by border guards and landmine explosions in the border areas of Baneh and Sardasht in the provinces of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), the Border Regiment Forces targeted a group of Kolbars near the village of Dolohato in Sardasht on June 15, 2020, injuring a Kolbar ‘Rasoul Hassanzadeh’. He was transferred to a hospital in Sardasht for treatment.
Meanwhile, a Kolbar ‘Hadi Rasti’ was wounded after being directly shot by the Border Regiment forces near the village of “Kanisio” in Baneh.

According to statistics compiled by KHRN since the beginning of June, 7 border Kolbars and businessmen have been shot dead. These Kolbars have been identified as Qader Yadsar, Arsalan Ahmadi, Mohsen Darvishzadeh, Ebrahim Jordanizaj and Sajjad Dalaei Milan, Omar Moslehati Fard and Farhad Kachlanlu. Moreover, 19 Kolbars were wounded in border crossings by Iranian border guards in Iran and Turkey borders.