Two Kurdish border porters –known as Kolbar- ‘Ebrahim Rasoulian’ and ‘Rahim Iraji’, were wounded at the border areas by Iranian border guards.

On September 27, a Kolbar named ‘Ebrahim Rasoulian’ was wounded by the Iranian border guards at the Alan Sardasht border area. The 22-year-old Kolbar has been transferred to a medical centre in Kurdistan for treatment.

On the morning of Monday, Sept 28, 2020, the forces of the Baneh border guards opened fire on a group of Kolbar at the Hangejal area of Baneh, injuring a 32-year-old Kolbar from Saqez, Rahim Iraji.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, at least seven Kolbars and tradesmen – Zanko Ahmadi, Zanest Hassannejad, Soroush Makari, Jalal Khezri, Shahram Mohammadi, Salahuddin Osmanzadeh, and Hassan Khandehpour- have been shot dead by the Iranian and Turkish border guards in the Sardasht border area since late August at the Sardasht border area, Chaldoran and Piranshahr in West Azerbaijan province. 11 Kolbars and tradesmen have been also injured by the Iranian and Turkish border guards at the same afore-mentioned regions.