In an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), a resident of the border village of “Kuran” in Orumieh, West Azerbaijan Province, reported the disappearance of five Kolbars from this village in the border heights.

According to this source, on January 18, a group of Kolbars from the village of Kuran in the border heights near the village of Drishk in Turkish Kurdistan encountered an avalanche on their way and so far there is no information over the fate of 5 of them named Euphrates Khodaei, Olayi Khodaei, Belen Ahmadi, Yavar Aslani and Matin Aslani.

The source also reported the negligence of the Iranian government officials in the area to help the people to rescue the Kolbars while the Turkish border guards were shooting towards the popular volunteers who had gone to rescue the Kolbars from the avalanche.

“Residents of the border village of Kuran are forced to work as Kolbars to earn a living and at least four people from this village have been killed by Iranian and Turkish border guards only during the past year,”, the source added.