Iranian border guards have killed a young kolbar in the border area near Sardasht city of West Azerbaijan province on 3 February.

The border guards shot Khaled Ahmadpour, a 28-year-old kolbar, in the evening hours of the day in the Iran-Iraq border near the village of Nowkan.

A source in the area confirmed the news to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network. “At 9 pm last night, 3 February, a group of kolbars in the Nowkan border area of Sardasht were shot at close range by the forces of the Nowkan border outpost without prior warning, killing a young kolbar named Khalid Ahmadpour.”

According to this source, Khaled Ahmadpour, father of two from the village of Wardeh in Sardasht, was hit by a bullet and the border guards fled the scene after killing him. The body of this kolbar was transferred to Sardasht Hospital by the people of the area.

The source further stated that this group of kolbars were shot a few kilometres inside Iran while heading to the border, and added that they were not carrying any goods.

Yesterday, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network published another report on the killing of a kolbar named Hashem Hassani by border guards on the border of Hangezhal in Baneh.
Kolbar is a term used in Kurdish to describe traders that carry untaxed goods across border on their backs.