A soldier lost his life on Sunday due to mine blast in one of the army barracks in Qasr-e Shirin city of Kermanshah province.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Sunday, Apr 8, 2018, a militant soldier called Ali Mahmoodi from the village of Darkeh, who only had to serve two more months to complete his obligatory military service, died during a mine blast in the army unit in the Qasr-e-Shirin border.

According to experts, there are currently 16 million uncleared mines at the war-affected areas in the west and the south of Iran.

Many military bases have been delegated to the private sector for decontamination in recent decades, but decontamination has not been carefully carried out. As a result, displaced mines in the mountainous areas during the rainy season have taken the life of many residents in the affected areas.