Iran has released three Kurdish activists on bail while 10 more activists, who are held in prison, are also expected to be released due to having been granted bail, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

These activists are among more than 100 people that had been detained during the recent mass arrests of Kurdish activists and civilians by the Iranian government, which started on 9 January.

The three activists who were released on bail are Shouresh Barham, Aziz Qadertaj, and Salim Sharifi from Oshnavieh. They had been detained on 29 January, 30 January, and 1 February, respectively.

The other ten activists, who are currently being held in Orumiyeh Central Prison, are Azimeh Naseri, Hossein Gardashi, Soran Hosseinzadeh, Sirwan Nouri, Iman Abdi, Afshin Mam-Ahmadi, Farhad Musapour, Fereydoun Musapour, Bahman Yousefzadeh, and Shapol Khezri.

Meanwhile, a source from Orumiyeh has told the KHRN that until now there is no information about the situation or whereabouts of three other detained Kurdish activists Farzad Samani, Sohaib Badrouj, and Sakar Eini.

“These people, who were detained by the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the cities of Tehran and Mahabad on 9 January, had said in a short phone call, a few days after their arrest, that they were being held in the detention centre of the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC at Al-Mahdi base in Orumiyeh. However, no information is available about them since last month”, said the source.

More than 100 people were arrested in various cities with the start of the widespread arrests of Kurdish civilians and activists on 9 January. According to the information available to the KHRN, at least 32 of these people have, so far, been released on bail, and at least 49 detainees are still being held in the detention centres of the Intelligence Office and the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC in Orumiyeh, Sanandaj, and Marivan.