Last night, a number of kolbars were arrested, beaten and disrespected for several hours on their way back at the border areas of Sardasht by the border guards although they were not carrying any foreign goods.

“On the evening of December 06, in the Dasht Kapran region, a group of Kolbars from Sardasht, were arrested, beaten up and abused by Border guards in their way back. These Kolbars were not carrying any goods because they had failed to collect their cargo.”, A Kurdish Kolbar in Sardasht told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Unfortunately, the border forces treat the Kolbars in any manner they like since the government has given extensive powers to do so. Occasionally not only the cargo of the Kolbars are confiscated but also they are made to return to the border villages in the dark while they are barefoot and have no clothes on,”, this source continued.