In the past few weeks, at least six Kurdish civilians, -Aziz Nasiri, Abdul Parto, Peshtivan Parto, Milad Veisi, Kayhan Shirini and Bahram Ghasemi, have been detained by security forces in the cities of Orumiyeh, Sanandaj, Marivan and Kamyaran.

Aziz Nasiri was arrested in Orumiyeh on September 03, and after 26 days under interrogation in custody by the Intelligence Unit of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), he was transferred to the prison in this city. He has been charged with collaboration with the Komala Party.

Abdul and Poshtivan Parto, two brothers from the village of “Ney” in Marivan, were also arrested by security forces on September 22 and 24 respectively and transferred to an unknown location.Moreover, Kayhan Shirini and Bahram Ghasemi from Mirav village of Sanandaj, Rostam Ebrahimi from Takht Zangi village of Kamyaran and Milad Veisi, a civilian of Sanandaj, were detained by security forces and transferred to the Ministry of the Intelligence detention Centre in Sanandaj during the past few days.

There is no information on charges against these detained civilians and they have been deprived of the right to contact or visit their families since their arrest.