A Kurdish Kolbar who was injured last week after being shot by Border Regiment Forces at the Noosud border is hospitalised where they might amputate his right leg.

On Thursday, September 21, the border guards in Nosoud Border ambushed a group of Kolbars and A 26-year-old man called “Farzad Ghaderi” from the village of “Neysaneh” was shot in the right leg and sustained serious injury. He was transferred to Bistoon Hospital in Kermanshah where doctors discussed the possibility ofamputating his right leg as they could not remove the two Corinthian bullets in this area.”, an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The photographs obtained by KHRN clearly show that the right leg of this kolbar has been shattered by the bullets.

According to this source, the kolbar’s family have taken the case to the military court but The family’s complaint of the border Forces of Noosud border has not been investigated yet.