Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Two Kurdish Tradesmen were killed by direct shootings of law enforcement forces in Oshnavieh (Shno in Kurdish). A Tradesman from Saqqez passed away due to the cardiac arrest during the chase by police forces.

“On Apr 18, 2019, a Kurdish Tradesmen, Afshin Lotfi, was chased by police in the Bijar district of Zanjan, and he ran away until the police fired at this Kurdish civilian and he lost his life away due to a cardiac arrest.”,a reliable source in Saqqez told KHRN.

On May 1, 2019, police forces also targeted a vehicle belonging to a Kurdish Tradesman at a local area of “Chel Ashan” near the “Qlatuk” forest park in Oshnavieh, As a result, the tradesman and his companion were killed. The two victims have been identified as “Raof Khalidnezhad” and “Nemat Seadat ”.