Investigations carried out by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) show that many Kurdish civilians and activists from Iran have become victims of human rights violations in September 2021.

The followings are the detailed information collected by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) statistics and documentation centre regarding these violations.

In September, Iran executed 52-year-old prisoner Arshad Javdat in Zanjan Prison.

Javdat, who was from Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province, was sentenced to death over drug-related charges.

This is the only case on which the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed of through its sources. But the number of those executed is likely to be higher.

NameFromCharged withExecution dateExecution locationExplanation
1Arshad JavdatOrumiyehDrugs21 SeptZanjan Prison52-year-old, father of three

Statistics suggest that at least one woman was a victim of femicide in Iranian Kurdistan in the past month.

A young woman named Marzieh Haaseli’s body was found burnt after she was killed in Ravansar, Kermanshah province.

1Marzieh HaaseliRavansar24 SeptKiller/killers burnt her body after killing her

In September, at least 14 Kurdish civilians either died or were injured working as kolbars.

Iranian border forces shot at least eight of these kolbars in the country’s western borders, five of whom lost their lives while three were wounded.

Additionally, one kolbar lost his life due to a heart attack, and two died falling from mountain heights after running from border forces.

Also, on 20 September, the Turkish army killed two Kurdish kolbars named Sozdar Ahmadi and Alishan Ahmadi in the border area between Turkey and Iran’s Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

The two kolbars lost their lives after a Turkish drone strike targeted a group of kolbars.

Another kolbar was injured falling from mountain heights.

NameFromIncident locationIncident dateDead/Injured Explanations
1Mohammad Khaled AbdollahzadehPiranshahrHaji Omaran border heights5 SeptDeadShot by border forces, 41-year-old, father of two
2Sadigh TakabiSaqqezBarvishkani border6 SeptInjuredShot by border forces, 55-year-old, from Saqqez
3Khabar SadeghiSaqqezBarvishkani border6 SeptInjuredShot by border forces, 20-year-old, from Darvian-e Olya village in Saqqez
4Hossein SelkaniShabankare village RavansarNowsud border heights7 SeptInjuredFall from mountain heights
5Sirvan GolzariJashniabad villageMarivan border areas8 SeptDeadShot by border forces, civilian not carrying goods
6Rasoul KarimiBanehBaneh border areas12 SeptDeadShot by border forces, 33 years old
7Mohammad Amin GhaderiBanehBaneh border areas16 SeptDeadShot by border forces, father of a child
8Shokat GhorbaniDezavar village NowdeshahDezavar village17 SeptDeadHeart attack following chase and run
9Omid MohammadzadehRabatDulehbi border Sardasht18 SeptDeadShot by border forces, 39 years old, father of three
10Alishan HeydariKuran villageOrumiyeh border areas20 SeptDeadTargeted by Turkish drone strike, 18 years old
11Sozdar AhmadiKuran villageOrumiyeh border areas20 SeptDeadTargeted by Turkish drone strike, 21 years old
12Borhan YousefiBabajaniNowsud border areas20 SeptInjuredShot by border forces
13Sarkawt KarimiJavanrudNowsud border areas27 SeptInjuredFell from mountain heights while being chased by border forces
14MasoudJavanrudNowsud border areas27 SeptInjuredFell from mountain heights while being chased by border forces

Work Accidents
Throughout the past month, at least six Kurdish workers from Iranian Kurdistan lost their lives in work accidents.

One of these incidents took place in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Due to the high unemployment rate in the cities of Iranian Kurdistan, every year, a large number of Kurdish citizens of Iran are forced to migrate to other cities of the country and Iraqi Kurdistan in search of job opportunities.

NameIncident locationIncident dateDead/injuredExplanation
1Iraj RahimpourNowsud7 SeptDeadFell from building
2Rahman SouriChour village of Marivan12 SeptDeadTractor overturned during work in agriculture
3Veysi KardarIraqi Kurdistan19 SeptDeadFell from building, 33-year-old
4Karim KarimiBaneh20 SeptDeadFell from walnut tree
5Yaghoub PatiniMahabad26 SeptDeadFell from scaffold
6Mohammad RazgiGhabr-e Hossein village in Piranshahr28 SeptDeadFell from walnut tree

Detentions and Arrests
In September, Iranian security forces detained at least 12 civilians and four activists in various cities throughout Iranian Kurdistan.

Additionally, on 19 September, security forces arrested Kurdish artist Loghman Pir-Khezranian in Tehran.

The artist was taken to the capital city’s Evin Prison to serve a nine-month sentence.

NameDetention locationDetention dateActivityDetention location and latest status
1Asad Ramin Qarna village1 SeptCivilianUnknown
2Khaled Ramin Qarna village1 SeptCivilianUnknown
3Ramin Ramin Qarna village1 SeptCivilianTaken to Naqadeh prison
4Sardar Ramin Qarna village1 SeptCivilianTaken to Naqadeh prison
5Davoud RahimiJoghol-e Sofla village1 SeptCivilianUnknown
6Mohammad FardaniMirabad Sardasht7 SeptCivilianUnknown, 15 years old
7Behrouz AziziMirab village Sanandaj7 SeptCivilianUnknown
8Rasoul AzizianMirab village Sanandaj7 SeptCivilianUnknown
9Masoud RezaiSanandaj11 SeptCivilianDetained to serve 6-months sentence
10Anvar RasouliBowalhasan village15 SeptCivilianUnknown
11Hossein GhodratiOshnavieh19 SeptCivilianUnknown
12Loghman Pir-KhezranianTehran19 SeptArtistDetained to serve 9-months sentence, taken to Evin prison in Tehran
13Behzad TalayiOrumiyehLate SeptCivilianDetained to serve 13-months sentence, taken to Orumiye prison
14Behnam KhosropanahDivandarrehLate SeptTelegram activistUnknown
15Salah HosseinpanahBaneh22 SeptEnvironmental activistTaken to detention centre of Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj
16Arman AsadiDivandarreh26 SeptCivil activistTaken to detention centre of Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj
17Salar SalehiSanandaj27 SeptEnvironmental activistTaken to Shahramfar detention centre of Intelligence Organisation of IRGC

Prison Sentences
In the past month, Iranian courts sentenced at least seven people to prison sentences varying from two months to seven years in prison.

Six of these sentences were given for the vague charge of “propaganda against the state”.

Separately, the country’s Supreme Court in Qom upheld the death sentence of Kurdish political prisoner Shaker Behrouz.

Behrouz was charged with allegedly “killing a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)”.

NameResident ofCharged withDate sentencedIssuing courtSentenceExplanations
1Jalal VafaeiBukanPropaganda against the stateEarly SeptBranch 101 of Criminal CourtFive years in prison
2Sherko TabnakBukanPropaganda against the stateEarly SeptBranch 101 of Criminal CourtFive years in prison and 7 years suspended prison sentence
3Saeid FathinezhadMahabadMembership in a Kurdish opposition party, passing border illegallyEarly SeptBranch 1 of Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahabad51 months in prisonThree years and seven months applicable
4Ali ZolfiBukanPropaganda against the stateEarly SeptBranch 101 of Criminal CourtFour months and ten days in prison
5Soran SharifiBukanPropaganda against the state, membership in Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI)11 SeptBranch 101 of Criminal CourtSeven years in prison
6Shaker BehrouzOrumiyehKilling a member of IRGC28 SeptBranch 31 of Supreme Court in QomDeath sentence upheld in Supreme CourtPreviously sentenced to retribution in kind (qisas) for premeditated murder by Orumiyeh Criminal Court
7Nawshirvan RezaeiMarivanPropaganda against the stateLate SeptSanandaj Court of AppealsTwo months in prison, two month suspended prison sentenceIslamic Revolutionary Court of Marivan previously sentenced him to 4 months in prison
8Peyman TabarkhounMarivanPropaganda against the stateLate SeptSanandaj Court of AppealsTwo months in prison, two month suspended prison sentenceIslamic Revolutionary Court of Marivan previously sentenced him to 4 months in prison

Prison Officers Tortured, Killed Young Man

On 22 September, officers in Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary beat to death Amir Hossein Hatami, a 23-year-old civilian from Ilam, after he spent about ten days in the prison.

On 25 September, Hatami’s relatives gathered before the prison, demanding that prison authorities be held accountable for his death.

IRGC Confirmed holding PJAK Member in Detention
On 28 September, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) published a report saying it had obtained information that Edrish Faghihi, a member of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), previously reported to have lost his life in a clash with the IRGC, was detained wounded.

Later, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) confirmed that it held Faghihi at its al-Mahdi base in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

Previous reports had stated that the PJAK member was killed during a clash between the PJAK and IRGC forces in Bukan, West Azerbaijan province, on 24 July.

Prisoners of Conscience Refused Prison Meals
On 22 September, all 43 political and religious prisoners detained in Ward 10 of Orumiyeh Central Prison refused to receive their meals, protesting against the prison classification council’s opposition to transfer ill prisoners to a hospital outside the prison.

After one day, they ended their strike as prison authorities promised to meet their demands.

IRGC Threatened, Attacked Kurdish Parties in Iraqi Kurdistan
On 6 September, one of the commanders of the IRGC threatened Iranian Kurdish opposition parties based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with a military attack.

On 9 September, the IRGC forces targeted the border areas of Iraqi Kurdistan with airstrikes and artillery bombings.

Although there have been no casualties so far, the IRGC has announced that the attacks will continue.

Ministry of Intelligence said it killed a Kurdish Civilian
On 12 September, the Iranian intelligence ministry in Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan province, told in a phone call to the Kurdish civilian Yasser Mangouri’s family that their forces shot and killed him during his detention on 17 July.

Turkey Deported Nine Iranian Kurdish Asylum Seekers to Northern Syria
The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported on 15 September that Turkish police detained nine Iranian Kurdish asylum seekers and 57 others from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq near Istanbul on 21 August.

On 24 August, the report said, authorities deported the civilians to Syria’s northwestern Azaz, raising concerns about their fate.

The nine asylum seekers had legally entered Turkey from Iran and were trying to reach Europe by boat.

Reportedly, the names of these individuals are Damavand Pak-Seresht, Mobin Valad-Beygi, Afshar Rostami, Bahman Shadravan, Masoud Heydari, Saeid Ahmadi, Fardin Darvishpour, Hedayat Rokhzadi, and Arman Rashidi-Hossein.